At be~You~tiful Wellness Spa we offer a variety of facial treatments. We believe that skin care and facials should always be customized to fit the needs of your skin on the day of your appointment.

be~You~tiful Signature Facial

This treatment is perfect for everyone. The flow is similar to a traditional facial beginning with a deep double cleanse to clear the skin of any debris before a full skin analysis. After the needs of your skin are determined the facial continues with a thorough exfoliation, facial steaming, a luxurious facial massage, extractions of blackheads and clogged pores, a mask treatment, and ends with infusions of serums and hydrating moisturizers.  This is our go to treatment for new comers, teens, and relaxation seekers. Perfect for Monthly Skin Maintenence $90-60 Minute Treatment

Enhanced Custom Facial

This is the signature facial and then some. This treatment features a double exfoliation to reveal new, fresh, younger skin. Through the use of microdermabrasion, ultrasonic cleansing, enzymes, and chemical peels we can reveal your BEST skin. Includes any facial waxing (brow wax, lip wax, chin wax).  This is the perfect treatment for anti-aging, acne clearing, and skin care correction. $115-75 Minute Treatment (waxing or use of advanced exfoliation included)