Introducing….. Hair Did it Go??

Tired of unwanted hair?? We have the solution!

Relax & Wax is excited to add yet another product to it’s line of pain-free depilatory products. ‘Hair Did It Go?’ was developed as a longer term solution to hair removal than waxing which also has the benefit of being less expensive than laser hair removal.




According to Deborah Merhar, professional esthetician and founder of Relax & Wax “We’ve created an alternate to laser hair removal that really works! No matter what hair color, skin color, or budget everyone can be hair free.” ‘Hair Did It Go?’ works by blocking the oxygen supply to the hair root, it literally starves it to death. ‘Hair Did It Go?’ is fast acting an results can be seen after just one application. Maximum results can be achieved in 5-15 applications.

For maximum results we recommend that you schedule regular wax appointments (every 3-6 weeks depending on your individual needs).

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