Bikini Need to Know!

We’ll be straight with you: Getting your first bikini wax is not a fun experience. That said, it’s a longer-lasting method to removing your pubic hair than shaving, making it a good option for those summer months when you don’t want to reach for the razor.


Things you need to know 🙂

Hairs should be about 1/4 inches long.

A big mistake many women make before getting their first wax: shaving. Wax can’t pick up your hairs when they’re too short. We suggest that you trim your hair to ¼ inch. If you’re unsure of how long that is, just leave it alone. You can let us know ahead of time.

Determine what kind you want beforehand.

Here are a few of your options: A simple bikini wax, which only takes pubic hair off the sides. A Brazilian wax that removes all or nearly all of the hair from front to back. Or some variation of the two. We are often asked “What’s in right now?” and there really is know way to answer that question. It is all personal preference.

The time of the month matters.

Generally the week prior and a few days after your cycle ends your skin will be more sensitive. That doesn’t mean we cannot wax during this time, although it may be more uncomfortable.


Take a shower that day.

Taking a warm shower helps to open up your pores. Exfoliation is a must for healthy skin during waxing.

Your lower half will be fully exposed.

We’ve do this all time! It may feel strange at first but you will get used to it.

It is uncomfortable and a bit painful for some.

If you know you have low pain tolerance it may be best to pop in before your appointment and pick up a tube of our numbing cream. Apply 30-45 minutes prior to your wax.

You’re skin will need time to calm down!

After getting a wax, your skin is often red and irritated. Wear loose clothing to your appointment so you’ll be comfy afterwards. Chances are you will not be bikini ready right after your wax. Give yourself a day or 2.

Hydrocortisone cream can be your best friend.

Some people have reactions after waxing (sometimes after every wax). Hydrocortisone cream will calm this right down.


Do you have questions about Waxing?? Feel free to contact Kittrina directly with any questions, yes any questions at all, don’t be embarrassed.