Why you should wash your face everyday!!

At least once a day I hear someone talking about not washing their face, they never have, nor will they ever have to because they just don’t have problem skin.

But washing, or cleansing, your face is about much more than cleaning problem skin. It goes beyond removing makeup and debris from the surface.


Cleansing your skin assist in cell turn over. Your cells are constantly turning over, old ones shedding off and new ones being made. As you age, this natural process begins to slow down and the old cells stay a little longer and begin to build up on the surface of the skin. This build up can leave your skin with a rough texture, a grey color, and wrinkles appearing deeper. Even without “problem skin” I would say this would be considered a problem for most.

Cleansing your skin daily is the solution to this problem. Water is just not enough to remove this build up.


Cleansing your skin improves barrier function. Without getting too technical Barrier Function is the skin’s natural ability to keep “bad things” out and “good things” in. When your barrier is compromised external irritants like wind, dirt, the sun, etc can leave the skin feeling overly sensitive, red, swollen and irritated. When barrier function is optimal skin will be glowing and radiant. Regular cleansing of the skin keeps Barrier Function where it is supposed to be.

Cleansing your skin allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin. You buy the fancy serum and the expensive moisturizer and you use it everyday but it’s just not working. Take a look at your cleansing routine. Ingredients in cleansers disperse surface lipids (like sweat and oil). By removing the excess secretions from your skin prior to applying products you are creating a clean slate optimal for product absorption. Don’t waste your money, use a cleanser everyday!


We know there is a lot of noise out there regarding Skincare and products. I am here to help you sort through that noise. I have dedicated many years and many dollars to my education. Let be your skincare guru :).

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