Facial Treatments

Due to COVID19 we are currently not able to do in person skincare treatments at this time. We are still available for product consultations and pick up. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. 

Facial Treatments

At be~You~tiful Wellness Spa & Salon, all treatments are customized. Through an eclectic approach to skincare, we are able to create treatments for any skin type.  Most noteworthy, we understand that no two people are alike. As a result, all facial treatments are unique at every spa visit. Kittrina takes pride in providing the very best experience for each individual visiting the spa. Whether it is the relaxation you seek or an in-depth skin treatment your needs will be heard and your expectations met. Read more about Kittrina Jones, LE, LMT

be~You~tiful Signature Facial

This treatment is perfect for everyone, as a result, this is our most popular treatment. This custom treatment begins with a deep double cleanse. A complete skin analysis is performed while the skin is free of makeup and debris. After the needs of your skin are determined the treatment continues with a thorough exfoliation, a steam treatment, a luxurious head, neck, and face massage, extractions of blackheads and clogged pores, a mask treatment, and ends with infusions of serums and hydrating moisturizers.  This is our go-to treatment for newcomers, teens, and relaxation seekers. Perfect for Monthly Skin Maintenance $90-60 Minute Treatment

Enhanced Custom Facial

The enhanced custom facial is the perfect treatment for those needing a little extra. This treatment features a double exfoliation to reveal new, fresh, younger skin. Through the use of advanced exfoliation techniques we can reveal your BEST skin as a result you leave with a fresh glow. Advanced exfoliation and the use of machines make this a truly remarkable experience for your skin. Includes any waxing (brow wax, lip wax, chin wax) in addition to the facial.  This is the perfect treatment for anti-aging, acne clearing, and skincare. $115-75 Minute Treatment (waxing and use of advanced exfoliation methods included in this price)

Ultrasonic Cleansing(Advanced exfoliation)

Ultrasonic Cleansing uses a machine with a paddle attached on the end of it that produces a low-frequency ultrasonic vibration to deeply penetrate dirt and grime on the face. The pores are opened and the waterproof barrier of the skin broken down to allow water in and dirt, oil, and dead skin out. There are three stages to this treatment; the first cleans the skin, the second penetrates creams and serums 4,000x deeper than your fingers, and the third tightens and heals the skin.
~Who is this treatment right for? The Ultrasonic Facial Treatment is recommended for all skin types but has shown remarkable results for those with skin problems or acne because the machine works deeply into the skin, allowing deeper cleaning. It is also recommended for those seeking anti-aging benefits because of the fantastic lifting properties associated with the method.
~How Often Should I receive this treatment? This treatment is most effective when started with a 6 treatment series, every one to two weeks, followed by a once a month maintenance treatment.


Remember, you do not have to know what your skin needs to make your appointment. That is our job! Feel free to schedule a consultation to get an idea of what your skin needs. We can perform a complete analysis so we both know what your skincare needs are at your first Facial Appointment.


Your treatment awaits you.
beYoutiful Facial Treatment Room


be~You~tiful Wellness Spa & Salon provides facial treatments in Meredith, New Hampshire. Are convenient main street location has much to offer and is within walking distance to many area attractions and shopping areas.