Back to School & Back to the Spa

The kids have been back in school for a couple weeks now, fall schedules are in place and you feel a sense of structure and chaos at the same time. Here are our thoughts and this wonderful time of year!


The Kids

For teens proper skin care is essential. Our approach to glowing skin is based on education and understanding individual skin needs. Overactive sebaceous glands accompanied with the stress of going back to school offers the perfect recipe for acne to develop. Untreated, mild acne can quickly become sever and out of control. Prevention is Best! Once scarring occurs, there is little that can be done without very invasive treatments.


Taking care of your skin with a trip to the spa helps avoid these problems. We will teach you about YOUR skin, because chances are it is not like anyone else’s!!! If you are new to the world of professional skin care and have some initial questions before jumping in, please schedule a complimentary consultation. We will assess your skin, answer all your questions and outline what our acne clearing program is all about.

Hey Moms (and Dads too)!! We didn’t forget about you!!!

Why let kids have all the fun? Not only could moms benefit from some hard-earned “me-time,” but they have specific skincare needs as well. Take a look at those feet…. When was your last Pedicure?? What about your Hair…. That’s right, your last haircut was before the spring concert in April!!

Whether entertaining the kids at home, or orchestrating camps and family vacations, sometimes summers seem just as busy as the school year. The summer sun out on the Lake has probably taken its toll on your skin, your feet, you hair, not to mention the rest of your body (p.s. When was your last Massage)??

For moms, stress is a major issue around back-to-school time. When you are stressed, adrenaline is being released more frequently into your body from your stress glands. This is designed to help you deal with stress, but adrenaline also stimulates the skin’s oil glands. As a result, oily skin can clog those pores, and skin problems can develop. Your shoulders end up at your ears, and you lose the ability to turn your head…… You must make time for yourself!!

We have simplified the process for you. Make appointments anytime online. See open availability and offerings at your own convenience. We value your time and understand that moms never STOP!! Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for YOU.

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