Advanced Skin Treatments

Advanced skincare is both corrective and preventative. From Acne to Graceful Aging these treatments can be a big game changer in your skins appearance.

Chemical Peel~Whether you are trying to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve the texture of your skin, even out skin discoloration, reduce redness or clear acneic/blemished skin, we have a treatment that is right for you. Peels are customized for individual needs. Peels are performed in a series of 6 treatments. In most cases they will be weekly but depending on skin type there may be a larger gap.

Peels, like any other skincare treatment, WORK! But they only work when done correctly. For maximum results the skin must be prepped and ready. If you currently do not have a skin care routine please schedule a our be~You~tiful Signature Facial to get started.

Peels are sold in a Series (Package of 6) $300

Ultrasonic~What is an Ultrasonic Facial? The Ultrasonic Facial uses a machine with a paddle attached on the end of it that produces a low-frequency ultrasonic vibration to deeply penetrate dirt and grime on the face. The pores are opened and the waterproof barrier of the skin broken down to allow water in and dirt, oil, and dead skin out. There are three stages to this treatment; the first cleans the skin, the second penetrates creams and serums 4,000x deeper than your fingers, and the third tightens and heals the skin.
~Who is this treatment right for? The Ultrasonic Facial Treatment is recommended for all skin types, but has shown remarkable results for those with skin problems or acne because the machine works deeply into the skin, allowing deeper cleaning. It is also recommended for those seeking anti-aging benefits because of the fantastic lifting properties associated with the method.
~How Often Should I receive this treatment? This treatment is most effective when started with a 6 treatment series, every one to two weeks, followed by a once a month maintenance treatment.

Ultrasonic is available as a facial enhancement for $20. This treatment is included at no extra charge with our Enhanced Custom Facial.





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