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Kittrina is a Certified Acne Specialist. Her approach to treating Acne goes beyond the in Spa Facial. Learn how to really clear your skin. There are three sections to the program, Home Care, Treatments, and Lifestyle Changes. Kittrina will guide you through all three steps with compassion and patients.


Tired of Acne?? Our Esthetician is a Certified Acne Specialist. Begin your Journey to clear skin today.

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Spa Memberships are the best gift for everyone!! (Even yourself. we won't tell.) Did you know that Work stress causes 10% percent of strokes!!! Stress is the cause of 60% of Human Illness and Disease! Find your stress reducer and be consistent. Read more....


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Located on Main Street in Meredith NH, above Sunshine & Pa's. Parking available at the Calvary Bible Church or on Main Street.